Editing Services

I will read and review almost any length fiction piece (or pieces) covering a variety of genres and themes. I'm willing to read some of the more controversial themes (particularly within M/M Romance/Erotica) but if you don't see yours on the list, please contact me for a quote! We can discuss on a case-by-case basis.

Story Types

  • Series
  • Novels
  • Novellas
  • Short Stories
  • Flash Fiction

Story Genres

  • Science Fiction (Hard or Soft)
  • Fantasy (High or Low)
  • Steampunk (dieselpunk, and similar)
  • QUILTBAG Romance and Erotica (gay, lesbian, bi, trans*, queer, etc.)

Sub Genres/Subjects

  • BDSM
  • Dominance/submission
  • Master/slave
  • Power exchange
  • Bondage/Erotic Restraint
  • Twincest
  • Gendertwist
  • Bloodplay, Knifeplay, Gunplay
  • multiple partners/threesome/moresome
  • Dubious consent, consensual non-consent
  • and more...

Unacceptable Topics

  • Rape/pedophilia for titillation
  • Scat/Golden Showers
  • Fanfiction

Payment Options

  • Paypal bank transfer
  • Credit Card via Gumroad
  • Barter. Details below.
Why are my genres limited? I have a personal interest in the above topics and have a history of experience with them. I'm familiar with their tropes and cliches as well as novels and shorts well written in these genres. Outside of this list, however, I don't have much experience, interest, or both. Non-fiction civil war histories, while important to the nation, are not something I enjoy reading and would not do justice as an editor.

While you are the only one who will love your novel or short as much as you do, it is important that the editor you pick also be engaged in the topic you're writing. Excitement about the story produces a more thorough edit.

If you are not sure about the genre or topics in your story, please send me a request for quote! We can discuss your particular case.


I offer services at different levels of pricing and intensity.

General Evaluation  

A close evaluation of your manuscript that provides detailed feedback regarding plot, theme, characterization, believably (internal logic/consistency), pacing, and style. This evaluation is a written assessment. This does NOT include line-by-line comments, notes on syntax, or specific word-choice suggestions. For these, read below about substantive/developmental edits.

You want this if:
  • You're not sure your story is cohesive or how to fix it
  • You're not connecting with your characters
  • The plot feels 'broken' but you're not sure why
  • You don't think you need detailed help but want another opinion before going to publication or submission
  • Request a quote

Substantive, Developmental, or Stylistic Editing

Very detailed line-by-line consideration of your manuscript to assess any weaknesses in flow, plot, clarity, sentence structure, characterization, word choice, voice, and pacing. I will point out what is working (and why!), what is not working (and why), and suggestions on how to fix it. This work includes a general evaluation.

You want this if:
  • You have a story written but it's all over the place
  • Your pacing or style need specific help
  • Your beginning is stuck but the rest of the story works
  • Your climax doesn't feel powerful
  • Your ending doesn't satisfy
  • Your characters don't change over the arc of the story
  • Request a quote

Line Editing

Close reading of every detail to tighten up awkward sentences, strengthen verbs, and make character voices pop. Line edits are the difference between a history book and a novel, shifting dry facts into flowing prose. This work includes a general evaluation

You want this if:
  • You have a solid rough draft and want to polish it up for publication/traditional submitting
  • Your themes or images fall flat
  • Your characters all sound the same
  • You need to clean up passive voice and past perfect tense
  • You want your setting to be as present a\s your characters are
  • Request a quote

Proofreading (note: I do not offer this)

Light editing concerned with correcting spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax. I do not provide these types of editing. If proofreading is what you need, you've moved beyond my purview and congratulations! That means your story is solid, your characters are engaging, and you're one step closer to publication.

You want this if:
  • You need someone to check for wayward question and quotation marks.
  • You have translated the work into American English and want another opinion.
  • You have a solid story and just need it spell-checked
  • You have an opinion about the Oxford Comma
  • Your next step is formatting for self-publication


Calculating Your Quote

I don't believe the cost of a service should be hidden behind doors or obscured with fees. I use a formula and it's very simple. The cost of my time is not arbitrary and I do not make any guesses when calculating your quote. 

On my request a quote page there are several questions to help me provide an accurate cost for my work. The most important of these is the total word count and the excerpt of your writing. I use that excerpt and perform either an evaluation or developmental edit in order to get a feel for your writing style and to time myself.

General Evaluation:  $.50/page* or $20 minimum

Developmental/Substantive Edit:  $1/page* or $50 minimum

*1 Page = size 12, Times New Roman

When I quote your work I will provide a breakdown of the work to be done, the cost of that work in total (no surprise fees at the end), and an estimated completion date.

  • General Evaluation: 2 weeks.
  • Developmental Edit: 2 weeks - 1 month.
  • You must send me your story within 3 days of receiving your quote or you will receive a new estimated completion date.
  • If, for any reason, I spend more time than I quoted, you will never be charged more than the quoted price for the quoted work.
  • Are you a returning customer? You get a discount!


Payment Options

I provide quotes of my work for free. If you decide to send me your story I will begin working on it immediately. When the work is complete I will submit an invoice to you for payment in full. When I receive payment, I will send the edits back to you.

I am always available by email, but please keep in mind that this is a one-woman operation. If you contact me while I'm asleep, I'll get back to you as soon as I see the message in the morning.

I accept payment in the following methods:
  • Paypal credit card or bank transfer
  • Credit Card via Gumroad
  • Barter. Let's talk.
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